At The Spencer Company, community is important to us, and we gladly support numerous worthy organizations in and around the Houston area.


Down Syndrome Association of Houston DSAH is a non-profit organization that is here to serve the Houston and surrounding areas by providing all the support and information needed to the families of those with Down syndrome. We welcome you to our world and hope that you can take advantage of the wonderful services we provide. We hope to see you soon in our Resource Center so you can get involved and start taking steps to build that "Brighter Future for our children and Adults with Down Syndrome." Website: www.dsah.org

The Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree The Jesse Tree is a faith-based, non-profit organization that connects people with the health care, social services and ministerial resources they need to rebuild their lives and uplift their spirits. Our founders chose the name from The Book of Isaiah (11:1): "A shoot will come up from the stem of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit." Providing access to the necessary resources that help people in need is testament to the vision, creativity and foresight of this group. Website: www.jessetree.org

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